Bird & Geese Control Methods

Bird & Geese Control Methods

Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and understanding of bird behavior and 20 plus years of experience providing bird control solutions.

EVERY ProGuard Bird Control Solutions project involves each of the following steps.

  1. Discovery of current bird control problems as seen by the customer
  2. Further in-depth discovery of problems known to Bird control experts
  3. Evaluate the environment
  4. Identify Bird types and activity levels
  5. Identify attractants
  6. Damage/Scat cleanup
  7. Creation of bird barriers and bird deterrents
  8. Exclusion/repair of access points
  9. Minimize non-target bird damage
  10. Site clean up after completion

We use the following types of barriers and bird deterrents. Our goal is always to ensure effective, long-term exclusion of the problem bird species without harming them and avoiding collateral damage to non target species.

  1. No lethal bait
  2. Bird netting
  3. Wires and bird spikes
  4. Electric shock
  5. Repellants
  6. Noise and mechanical devices

ProGuard Bird Control teams use an array of specialized bird control equipment and trained experts. Our teams are OSHA compliant and OSHA certified. We will adapt our own extensive safety standards to comply with the safety protocols of our clients.